4.0 Industry


AGS carries out industrial projects that satisfy the specifications and production needs of our customers entirely, using an operating model that makes them comply with the requirements for access to the benefits of the National Plan I4.0.

An AGS project guarantees results both from an industrial and economical point of view and concerning obtaining tax benefits.

4.0 Industry was created to encourage an “intelligent business” system, where the connection of machines, people and information allows to improve performance and reduce waste.



A team of engineers and professionals who follow the project in every aspect.



An operational procedure that guarantees full compliance with the rules of the 4.0 Industry plan



The complexity of the projects carried out testifies to our know-how

With the “National Industry Plan 4.0” (now Impresa 4.0), introduced in 2017 by the Budget Law, the Italian Government offers advantages and tax relief to companies of any size that decide to invest in Research & Development, capital goods and tangible and intangible assets (such as software and IT systems) aimed at transforming their production processes, taking advantage of the opportunities associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Our experience in "4.0 Industry"

In AGS we have immediately analyzed and understood the opportunities offered by the Industria 4.0 standard, and we have developed numerous projects in which the solutions studied by AGS meet the requirements necessary to benefit from the tax benefits provided to companies. In this way, our customers were able to obtain significant support for their investments through tax incentives.

AGS method

AGS has created an operational procedure called “Model 3P”, developed to make the projects and products made perfectly comply with the requirements of the standards in Industria 4.0 to benefit from tax benefits, such as the Hyper Amortization 250% and the Tax Credit of 50% on Research and Development (CIRS). The criteria for accessing these tax benefits are and specific, and the lack of even one of the requirements exposes companies to the risk of fines and penalties.

The adoption of the 3P model guarantees:

Security of access to the tax benefit

Reset of corporate responsibility and legal representative

Reduction of certification costs for 4.0 Industry regulations

The “3P Model” provides for a careful process, completed by the drafting of a sworn report and a tax and legal opinion, carried out by professionals independent of the company, as well as the issue of the certificate – necessary to benefit from the hyper-amortization – of interconnection with the company systems.

Among the first to be certified

La conoscenza della normativa e l’esperienza di AGS si è subito dimostrata. Già a febbraio 2017, poche settimane dopo l’entrata in vigore della nuova legge, PostHello!City, il prodotto sviluppato da AGS che porta i servizi postali e le polizze auto in centinaia di negozi in tutta Italia, è stato certificato di avere la piena rispondenza a tutti i 10 requisiti previsti dalla Legge. Così come a marzo 2017 abbiamo realizzato il primo workshop dedicato all’applicazione di Industria 4.0 al Terziario avanzato, in cui sono stati spiegati gli aspetti e i vantaggi più rilevanti che venivano offerti a tutte le Imprese, anche a quelle “non industriali”.

AGS’s knowledge of the law and experience immediately proved itself. Already in February 2017, a few weeks after the entry into force of the new law, PostHello!City, the product developed by AGS that brings postal services and motor policies in hundreds of stores throughout Italy, was certified to have full compliance with all 10 requirements of the Law. Just as in March 2017 we held the first workshop dedicated to the application of Industria 4.0 to the advanced Tertiary sector, in which the most relevant aspects and advantages that were offered to all companies were explained, even to the “non-industrial” ones.

Bring benefits to your business with a “4.0 Industry” project