Business Solutions


Technology, Skills and Digital Experience to create innovative business solutions. We integrate hardware, software, and marketing strategies, following consolidated processes and certified procedures from design to implementation.

Innovation Lab: a real “Factory” of innovations.

Our Business solutions come to life in the Innovation Lab, where applications are designed and developed at all levels: Firmware, Back-end, Web and Mobile. The name Innovation Lab pays tribute to the ability of our team of developers and engineers to create solutions with increasingly innovative features, easy to use and with an excellent user experience.

“Turnkey” solutions that respond to the specific needs of customers and that demonstrate how AGS proposes ideas that are always in step with the evolution of the market.


In recent years AGS has made significant investments in Research & Development in several areas, such as Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things, Building & Lighting Automation and in Monomer & Polymer Synthetic Surfaces.

We have strengthened the technical structure with highly specialized professional figures with a valuable background, ranging from Computer Science to Materials Engineering.

With excellent know-how, we create innovative solutions and high-value products, projects and services.

When  A.I. gets really smart?
When it turns into a tool to simplify processes, solve problems and drive business strategies. For this reason, AGS specialists use Machine and Deep Learning algorithms within business solutions applied to different sectors.

The system can read and correctly capture information from any document, even if the text is “disturbed” by stains, backgrounds, and

The visual inspection system that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to read, control and validate textual information within a production process.

The modular software platform that
enables the acquisition and analysis of operating data of industrial plants,
an IIoT solution.