With the creation of Data Certa, we have once again made available to the public a service that Post Offices no longer offer, and we have transformed it into a digital key and made it faster, more efficient and more complete.

With DataCerta it is possible to place a digital date stamp on the documents, which proves the content and existence of the document at a specific date and time.

Thanks to AGS, in any PostHello!City Point throughout Italy and in offices equipped with the digital platform for postal services PostHello!Professional, you can use this handy service.

The process and technology underlying the service are fully compliant with the regulations of the Digital Administration Code and has the same validity as the affixing of the “Date Stamp” by notaries and public offices.

Data Certa gives and strengthens the legal and evidentiary validity of its contracts, complaints, cancellations and much more.

When to use Data Certa

  • Real and personal guarantees
  • Self-protection instances
  • Contracts between private individuals
  • Accident Statement (CAI)
  • Building Interventions: CIL (Communication of Work Start), CILA (Certified Communication of Work Start), SCIA (Certified Notification of Activity Start), and DIA (Activity Start Report)
  • Advance payment of invoices and assignment of credit
  • Acceptance/communication of custody
  • Risk Assessment Document (DVR)
  • Appointments for positions, e.g., H&S Manager
  • Election of Domicile
  • Professional Assignment Letters

How it Works

The Data Certa service places a digital time stamp on the document and, thanks to this marking, the original digital document created has the legal validity of being fully enforceable against third parties.
The existence of the document is guaranteed by the EPCM certificate, issued by Postecom, an internationally recognized Certification Authority and accredited by AGid, the Agency for Digital Italy.

Dated documents are digitally stored in a certified Data Center, where they will be stored for 10 years (extendable to 40 years).

Data Certa users can at any time retrieve and share their documents with third parties either via the Web or from any PostHello! City Point, by entering your credentials that are created by the system at the time of the document data certification.