The team of developers of PostHello!City services, when implementing the “Policy Change” has decided to exploit the full potential of A.I.Scan, developing a dedicated application: Smartlogin.

A.I.Scan is the system, based on powerful artificial intelligence algorithms completely developed by AGS, which automatically reads, recognizes and acquires data from the customer’s identity document, even if it has deteriorated. Thanks to A.I.Scan technology it is possible to both retrieve useful data when requesting an RCA policy quote, and also to automatically login for customers who have already used the “Change Policy” service, have previously registered and return to the PostHello!City Point to purchase insurance.

Those who have used the “Change Policy” service do not necessarily have to remember their access credentials to enter their user area, just place their identity document on the multifunction printer of PostHello!City and the system will recognize the user, who can then retrieve the saved quotes and buy the policy with a few touches on the tablet.

Advantages and applications
SmartLogin makes it easy for a user to register and access the system at a later date.