An Integrated Platform

It is a “general purpose” project, i.e. it can be applied in many areas of industrial production.

AGS has designed and developed a modular software platform – called I.4.Board – that allows the acquisition and analysis of operating data of industrial plants.

I.4.Board is an integral part of various projects carried out for a large pharmaceutical multinational, to which we have provided specific and innovative solutions in the field of digitization of production processes in view of Industria 4.0.

The platform implements the paradigm known as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the model on which applications promoting technological innovation applied to the Fourth Industrial Revolution are based. This type of connection protocol allows customer companies to redesign and innovate their production processes, with a view to the so-called Connected Factory or Smart Manufacturing. The objective is to provide an overall and unitary view of company processes and all the information necessary for their proper management.

I.4.Board allows you to view the data that are collected by different measuring instruments, through particular industrial network protocols, such as Modbus/TCP or others; the data is then transferred and stored on a central server in the cloud, where they are processed and graphically represented through dashboards configurable by the end user.

Each user, depending on the degree of authorization, can remotely monitor the operation of the system from a device connected to the network (PC or Tablet), receive reports of malfunction and interact promptly with the system or other groups of users, depending on the situation to be managed.

The I.4.Board system, thanks to the advanced Machine Learning algorithms installed during the design phase, can highlight the variations, even minimal, of some values concerning the optimal trends, to avoid possible future anomalies, and therefore suggest the best planning of preventive maintenance activities.