Onboarding Online

Digital Onboarding

Online customer onboarding provides you with huge advantages in terms of reduction in the costs of both acquisition and management, with a large impact on customer experience, complance and cybersecurity.

Once the process is active, though, it is necessary to further analyse the acquisition funnel to understand which steps are harder to complete for potential customers, making them give up the online onboarding process and look for more traditional methods – or switching to competitors altogether.

Using AI, AGS can retrieve much of the data that is necessary for online onboarding from ID and bills of previous utilities. This is possible after training the neural networks and it drastically simplifies the onboarding process for potential customers.

Using artificial intelligence it is possible to reduce the funnel for online onboarding by up to 90%
Current Funnel VS “A.I.”

AI version retrieves data from all the sources we have available:


  • ID Card.
  • Privius supplier bill.
  • PSD2


Whatsapp is the most used messaging app in the world: the use of a digital channel with which the user is familiar increases the chances of obtaining a conversion.

1,5 billion monthly active users

60 billions of messages a day


Security (encrypted messages)

Automatic message backup

No Spam

Information Archive

Little publicity

Multimedia Files

The onboarding process on WhatsApp is not completed by filling in the fields but by answering questions.
A third generation chatbot makes the user experience more fluid.

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