Research, design and user experience

We create original products, born from research and the latest technologies, which are distinguished by functionality, usability, and innovation.

The PostHello! line comprises three different platforms, each dedicated to a specific type of customer: PostHello!City, the solution that brings postal services to businesses close to home; PostHello!Web, which allows businesses and individuals to send mail from their computers and PostHello!Professional, the product designed specifically for professionals and professional studios.

Azanite is a real synthetic stone, an innovative and eco-friendly composite material created in AGS’s R&D laboratories. Azanite is an extremely ductile, antibacterial, fireproof, high temperature and weather resistant “solid surface”; these characteristics, together with incredible ease of maintenance, allow unlimited customizations – starting from colors – and a vast range of applications, with excellent results. Azanite excels in strength, resilience, and ductility.

Natuled is our lighting brand that combines exclusive materials, state of the art technology and functional design. Natuled has created Street Leaf, a revolutionary line of urban lighting products made of Azanite, the synthetic stone that makes Street Leaf headlights qualitatively superior to the metal ones on the market today. The Led technology used offers very high-quality standards, energy saving, and minimum environmental impact, making Street Leaf the perfect solution for urban and street lighting projects.

From AGS’s experience in the field of experimentation and Deep Learning applied to visual computing, HPC Series was born: the “turnkey” ecosystem created to bring Artificial Intelligence and the development of neural networks closer in the most convenient way. AGS HPCs are distinguished by the unique single GPU workload optimization algorithm, which allows the full processing power of the machine to be used immediately.