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Advanced Global Solution AGS is an Italian company that offers innovative and avant-garde IT services and solutions: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, state of the art Technologies and projects that fully meet the requirements of the Industry Plan 4.0.

Our greatest strength? The people.

With a team of more than 400 talents, AGS every day promotes the success of its customers, including the main European industrial groups in the Telco and Media, Banking, Insurance, and Financial Operators, Manufacturing, Pharma, Industry and Services sectors. IT Specialist consulting is one of the main activities of AGS, with which we offer certified skills since 1998.

Our 20-year history is built on professionalism, reliability and the ability to look at the world from a different perspective”.

Oscar Padrin


Research & Development

The desire to dare and the ability to shape itself in a continually evolving market have led AGS to make continuous and vital investments in Research & Development in new areas, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine, and Deep Learning, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Monomer & Polymer Synthetic Surfaces and Building & Lighting Automation.

From research to products

The skills of our specialists bring solutions to the demands of our customers and are applied daily to design and manufacture products of the latest generation. Today we bring to market new and exclusive materials such as Azanite, PostHello! integrated solutions and other innovative products.

Technological infrastructure

The AGS Data Center has a computational capacity available in the order of PetaFlops, which is made even more efficient by meta-algorithms for distributed computing – developed by our DS – that allow you to make the most of the power of our HPC. AGS was the first company in Italy to have an NVIDIA DGX-1 with Volta technology and, thanks to the processing power of this supercomputer, can reduce the training time of neural networks and achieve even more effective results in the development of new solutions. Besides, AGS can boast within its staff two certified NVIDIA Instructors, among the few present on the national territory, who can provide training courses of the Deep Learning Institute (DLI) dedicated to developers, data scientists and researchers on how to use artificial intelligence and apply it in the real world.

Our Values


To increase technological leadership, investing in expertise in the most advanced IT sectors, anticipating the evolution of markets and responding to customer demands.


To guide and support our customers by creating innovative and excellent solutions. Give concrete answers, always ensuring results that bring competitive advantages.


Innovation, Technology, Research & Development are our unique values. With an innovative spirit, we have diversified our business activities, achieving levels of excellence in the sectors in which we operate.

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