A regular OCR offers high accuracy in converting pure text, but when reading is disturbed by backgrounds or the text is not aligned, you need a “Smart” system. For this reason, AGS’s Artificial Intelligence specialists have developed A.I.Scan, a system that exceeds the limits of OCR on the market, giving rise to the OCRevolution.

The Upscaling and Deblurring algorithms used in A.I.Scan were studied in a scientific paper presented by AGS at the University of Liverpool in autumn 2017. Contact us to learn how to solve data collection problems and apply A.I.Scan to your business.

A.I.Scan is the solution that, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, correctly reads and acquires information from any document, even if the text is “disturbed” by stains, backgrounds or if the document is deteriorated. A.I.Scan achieves the result where other OCRs fail. A.I.Scan solves data collection problems, reduces the time and eliminates errors.


Easy Integration

Precision in the acquisition of information

Speed and User Experience

How A.I.SCAN Works

  • The document is scanned, even if partially deteriorated
  • The application analyzes the resulting image: when it has found the edges, the document is cropped and rotated
  • The definition of the acquired image is improved with Upscaling algorithms, textual areas are identified, and the enhanced OCR converts them into text strings
  • A.I.Scan uses semantic DBs to analyze the text and correct any errors, identify possible alternatives and identify the best result by analyzing the accuracy. With precision and speed
  • The application learns how to read endless types of documents and understands if there is more than one in a single page and locates specific information without the help of predefined layouts

A.I.SCAN can be integrated into business processes in two ways

STEPPING INTEGRATION ->  Allows you to check entered data, in batch mode or online running, at a later date. All it takes is 300 specimens to train the neural networks and read the data of the documents, without the constraint of the resolution and quality of the images.

ACTIVE INTEGRATION -> To automatically enter data from scanning and mobile devices. The integration takes place by necessarily reviewing the business processes that are automated, bringing substantial benefits to the business.

Advantages and applications

The AGS A.I.Scan solution can be applied to the most varied business needs; from the automation of business processes that need to extract information from documents to the filling in of forms, even complex ones, such as for requesting a quote for the car policy.

For example, A.I.Scan has been integrated into the “Change Policy” service of PostHello!City, bringing a benefit concerning usability and propensity on the part of users to release their data.

The combination of A.I.Scan with PostHello!City also has a social function, because it allows users who are less accustomed to technology to quickly purchase a car policy, because the policyholder’s data is automatically retrieved, and allows them to enter their private area automatically, via the “SmartLogin.”