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Automatic machines are all the same. Or maybe not. The experience AGS has accumulated over more than 20 years has led us to create innovative machines that are different from all other products on the market.
Innovative materials such as the Materics AGS and the best IT expertise on the market meet the 20-year know-how of a company specialised in automation and holder of several patents.
From all this AiR (part of AGS SpA) is born with the aim of bringing tangible results to the world of packaging machines.
Ours is a difference that is not only a matter of appearance, given how unique AiR’s solutions are, but also of substance: the advanced technologies we infused in these machines allow them to be more effective, more productive, more proactive.
Simply better.

AiR’s line-up

Filling machines

Capping machines

Control machines (e.g. leak test)

Blow fill seal machines

Linear labelling machines

Rotary labelling systems

Custom automation solutions

Not just artificial intelligence

What would happen if machines could self-manage, report the need for maintenance and do QA by themselves? And what if they could communicate directly with their manufacturer, who could manage maintenance directly with less time and resources needed on the client’s part?

It’s not just a matter of using artificial intelligence: it’s a matter of creating a product that intelligently answers the real needs of clients.

All of this is possible thanks to advanced AI techniques developed by AGS and to Huawei’s hardware.

The machines can be controlled remotely with just a few clicks using a simple and intuitive UI that allows you to monitor production in real time.

Because we know that every minute counts.

Advanced production for all needs

Thanks to the expertise of AGS and to the use of the best AI products our robots can do more and better compared to industry standards.
We are focused on your needs. Every project is handled by a development team with all-round skills that uses bleeding edge technology such as augmented reality to aide design. This makes it possible to satisfy even the most complex needs.
We offer solutions for packaging for every industry with a focus on pharma.

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