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Mankind learned how to read thousands of years ago. We are teaching machines how to do it today.

AGS’ advanced OCR enables machines to read text and give it meaning. It’s not a man: it’s better. And that’s because thanks to advanced artificial intelligence algorithms created by AGS it is possible to read text from any image: scans, pictures made with a smartphone and more. Our competitors tell you that lighting needs to be perfect and that framing must be right, our software is able to read text even at extreme angles and in low light. Character recognition is almost instantaneous: in two eyeblinks text is read and ready to be used.
Typos, being tired of reading and issues with typing are all issues of the past, as AGS’ OCR software goes beyond human error and ensures precision, reliability and speed. It’s also expandable: thanks to its modular nature it is possible to give meaning to text from any document simply by adding a new module.
Our software runs on Huawei servers that provide extremely high computing performance coupled with low power requirements.
Our OCR software enables the transformation of text in data organisations can use to simplify a number of processes in various fields.


AGS is an official partner of Huawei and uses TaiShan 2280 v2 servers to process data: these are servers equipped with Atlas 310 processors that provide 64 TOPS (INT8) with just 67 W. Performance of each server exceeds 500 TOPS with power consumption at less than 2 kW. This is a real revolution in the hardware world as it allows to have extremely high performance yet small (2U) servers with very low power requirements.

AGS is among the first organisations in Europe to access this new technology by Huawei and it is also the first to have a ready-to-use product.

We chose Huawei’s servers because they offer high innovation content on all fronts. Using ARM processors projects TaiShan servers towards a greener future which allows to do more while consuming less power. This revolution in power consumption is perfectly in line with AGS’ commitment towards the environment: not only is a lower environmental impact good for the environment, but it also keeps operating costs low.
The software is based on Docker and is therefore flexible, adaptable, resilient and scalable: it is ready to be used on large-scale systems and can be deployed in organisations of any size thanks to its highly scalable and modifiable nature. It is modular and its core recognises text, while the additional modules extract the necessary information from the document being aware of what’s important.


n the consumer energy industry it is possible to extract the large majority of necessary information from bills of the previous utility, thus making the onboard process much easier.

By reading wage slips it is possible to extract information necessary to evaluate whether to distribute a loan.

Registrations are much simpler if necessary information is extracted from an ID card.