Postal services from the multifunction office

PostHello!Professional is the digital platform for postal services that AGS has explicitly designed for the needs of professionals and professional firms.

An intelligent solution developed to facilitate the work of lawyers, notaries, accountants, surveyors, architects, condominium administrators and co-working spaces, because it allows you to perform all the procedures related to the sending of registered letters, telegrams and letters directly from the office, through the multifunction printer, tablet, and computer, while maintaining the full legal value of the mail sent by the Post Office.

PostHello!Professional also allows you to book your parcel collection from the comfort of your desk, always avoiding wasting time and eliminating the cost of travel to reach the post office: an advantage that translates into savings of hundreds of euros per year.

However, it’s not just the postal services. Among the advantages of PostHello!Professional there is also that of being able to use Data Certa, very useful for those who need to give full legal value to documents and evidence. The “dated” documents certify their existence at a date and time that can be relied on against third parties, as well as the authenticity and integrity of the original content, legibility, and availability over time.


People working in the studio or office can use the services of PostHello!Professional at the same time. A single Admin creates and manages the different users, which in turn can operate on behalf of different customers, professionals and cost centers; shipments relating to individual customers/cost centers are summarized and invoiced in a single monthly document, significantly streamlining the accounting aspects and allowing complete control of all operations.